COM-HPC® Client module Size C module with Intel® 13th/14th Gen socket type processor (Code Name: Raptor Lake-S Refresh) DDR5 SO-DIMM, DDI, PCIe Gen 5, USB 3.2 Gen2, 2.5G Ethernet, discrete TPM 2.0, eDP, SATA

Features :


PCOM-B885 is COM-HPC module based on Intel® 13th/14th Core™ platform. It is compatible with COM-HPC 1.15 standard. The platform adopts Intel 7 lithography and VNNI instruction set, offers advance computing power with 35~65W thermal and embedded use condition for wide range application. PCOM-B885 supports PCIe Gen5 up to 16x lanes, and 4x ECC/Non-ECC DDR5 SO-DIMM(memory capacity up to 192GB), which is suit for mission critical use conditions and AI edge computing. This module also provides 2x PCIe Gen4 x4 and 18x PCIe Gen3 lanes, 4x USB 3.2 Gen2 x2, and 2x SATA. The complete and flexible I/O capacity also mapped to wide range of industrial applications.


CPU and General
Product PCOM-B885
Form FactorCOM HPC Client, Size C (160 x 120mm)
CPU SKUTDPCore (P+E)ThreadsCacheBase FreqMax Turbo FreqMax Memory MT/sECCvProPEG Bifurcation
i9-1490065 W8 + 163236 MB2.0 Ghz5.8 Ghz
i9-14900T35 W8 + 163236 MB1.1 Ghz5.5 Ghz
i7-1470065 W8 + 122833 MB2.1 Ghz5.4 GhzR680EQ670E
i7-14700T35 W8 + 122833 MB1.3 Ghz5.2 Ghz
i5-1450065 W6 + 82024 MB2.6 Ghz5.0 Ghz
i5-14500T35 W6 + 82024 MB1.7 Ghz4.8 Ghz
i5-1440065 W6 + 41620 MB2.5 Ghz4.7 Ghz3600 (2DPC)Q670E
i5-14400T35 W6 + 41620 MB1.5 Ghz4.5 Ghz
i3-1410060 W4 + 0812 MB3.5 Ghz4.7 GhzN/A
i3-14100T35 W4 + 0812 MB2.7 Ghz4.4 GhzN/A
Processor 30046 W2 + 046 MB3.9 Ghz3.9 GhzR680E
Processor 300T35 W2 + 046 MB3.4 Ghz3.4 Ghz
I/O Interface
USB4x USB 3.2 Gen2 x2
8x USB 2.0
Ethernet2x Intel® I226 series
Serial I/OGPIO12 bit GPIO (default 6 input/6 output)
I2CBaud Rate : 400KHz
SMBusBaud Rate : 100KHz
UARTTX/RX signal only
PCIe lane1x PCIe Gen5 x16 (bifurcation 2 x8)
2x PCIe Gen4 x4
3x PCIe Gen3 x4 + 6x PCIe Gen3 x1
DisplayModule display interfaceCarrier output optionsResolution
eDPeDP eDP up to HBR33840 x 2160@120Hz
DDI 0/1/2DP up to HBR33840 x 2160@120Hz
DP up to HBR33840 x 2160@120Hz
DP up to HBR33840 x 2160@120Hz
SecurityTPM 2.0
Dimension160 x 120mm
Power DC INNormal: +12V DC
AT/ATX mode
Storage Temperature-40°C to 85°C
Operating Temperature0°C to 60°C
CertificationContact us
OSWindows 10/11

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Ordering Guide

ProductOrdering P/NStatus
PCOM-B885-R680ETBDIn Development
PCOM-B885-Q670ETBDIn Development


AccessoryOrdering P/NStatus
CoolerTBDIn Development
HeatsinkTBDIn Development
HeatspreaderTBDIn Development
(ATX carrier board)
AB1-3L34ZIn Development

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