Embedded Computing

Portwell Embedded Solutions meet your demand perfectly

Portwell is a qualified and professional manufacturer of Industrial Electronics. Our embedded product lines provide a wide range of selections from server grade to energy efficiency scale including Modules, 3.5’’, NANO-ITX, Mini-ITX, Fan-less Embedded box-pc with expansion slots and modular type processor slots. Portwell offers diverse products from high computing power to low power consumption devices. Products with high performance are equipped with various features which can precisely fulfil standard and customized demands. Portwell’s designs are still able to perform with a minimum of power consumption suitable for numerous fields, which helps in various application like Automation, Defence, Military, Transportation and Toll Applications.

Due to our experience with customized projects, our reliable solutions can be adopted and applied to multiple applications such as ATM, Kiosk, Digital Signage, POS (Point-Of-Sale), Lottery, Vending, Gaming, Factory automation, Industrial Control,Transportation, Medical and Energy.

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