Dear Customers, to speed up your RMA process, please apply for RMA request form with RMA Number provided by PIT before shipping your products back to us. And also add the same copy in the box too. Returning products with no RMA number will create inevitable delay and may cause delay and incidence of lost property which Portwell do not hold any responsibility.

To apply for RMA number, please download RMA form and send to techsupport@portwell.in with details filled. We will get back to you immediately with all require details along with RMA number. Or you can reach to us for any technical issue & RMA related issues. 

RMA Policy

Warranty Period

The Portwell items standard warranty is as per the Invoice.

Standard Warranty and others

  1. Portwell warrants that each product failing to function properly under normal use, due to a defective material or manufacturing, or due to non-conformance to the agreed upon specifications, for the period agreed upon, will be repaired or exchanged, at Portwell ’s expense.
  2. Portwell only warrants this service to parties buying directly from Portwell. This warranty is non-transferrable to any third party.
  3. Serial Number and Part Number sticker must be there on the product. If not, the warranty is deemed void.
  4. PIT shall not do any sales return.

Dead on Arrival Terms (DOA)

  1. Customer can claim DOA (Dead on Arrival) within 15days from the date of Invoice.
  2.  Customers should return DOA goods within 7 working days once applied for DOA, along with its original contents, packaging materials and a valid Invoice details. DOA number must be obtained before any return.
  3. Products which are incomplete or show signs of abuse or misuse or any exchange of components/reworked will not be accepted.
  4. DOA should first been verified with Portwell engineers for confirmation at PIT site. If no issue found, application will be declined, and customer should arrange to pick up from service center.

RMA Process

  1. RMA form will be provided, and customer can apply RMA with all details filled in RMA form.
  2. The faulty unit must be sent to the PIT Service Center, within 7 days of confirmation from PIT.
  3. Address: Portwell India Technology – Service Center
    old 32/2 New 32/4A – KIADB, Vishweshwarya Industrial Area Mahadevapura, Sumdhura Vasantham Apartment Road, Anjappa Layout, B Narayanapura, Mahadevapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560048
  4. Any manufacturing issue found; PIT reverts with details, and component replacement & shipping cost will not be applicable to customer. If No issue found, inspection charges applicable.
  5. Any damages to system/board or any component (Burnt, damage) serial number sticker removed, Mal use will void the warranty & attracts Inspection charges. If customer willing Portwell to repair it, additional charges applicable i.e., components, HQ transport, etc. This will be informed prior with details. If no repair, then only inspection charge will be applicable. Charge details are in Service Charge section.
  6. All repair works done post approval from the customer in every case.
  7. If the systems sent back to HQ for RMA (after customer confirmation), it would consume minimum 8-10 weeks of time. It may depend on issue. Delay in customs may affect delivery time.
  8. Non-warranty products are subject to inspection/ service charges.
  9. Post customer confirmation on repair, components/materials charges will be extra, and Local/International transportation charges applicable extra if needed to send to Portwell HQ Taiwan.

Shipping Instruction and Charges

  1. RMA/DOA ticket details to be printed and included in shipping box, also glue on the box.
  2. Portwell shall bear two-way charges in case of DOA confirmed.
  3. Customer should bear charges while sending device back to PIT center, and PIT reimburse charges if DOA confirmed, provided all shipping documents/invoice submitted to PIT.
  4. If DOA declined, customer should arrange to pick up materials from PIT service center.
  5. Portwell shall bear one-way shipping cost if product under warranty for manufacturing defects, including Taiwan shipment. If no issue found, customer should arrange to pick up from Service Center.
  6. Customer should bear transportation charges, including Taiwan (if needed to send to Taiwan) shipment for non-warranty products. Quote will be provided for transportation.
  7. Any damages during transportation from customer site to Portwell Service center/ customer arranged courier service, it is customer’s liability and Portwell do not hold any responsibility.

Service Charges

  1. Board: Material cost + Inspection Fee (INR 3000 plus GST)
  2. System: Material cost + Inspection Fee (INR 4500 plus GST)
  3. If spare parts to be used, the material cost will be charged extra and quote will be provided to customer.

Product Warranty post RMA

Repaired or exchanged product will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty, or minimum 3 months period, whichever is longer.

Components excluded in Service.

  1. Power Supply & Battery will have the standard warranty as per manufacturers terms & conditions.
  2. With standard manufacturing warranty Physical Damages, Wear & Tear is not covered.

Technical Issue & Resolution Methods

  1. Customer at any point of time, for any Post sale Technical issues, queries to be logged to Service Desk through Phone or email
    1. Service desk contact number (All India) 080-40782700
    2. Email ID: techsupport@portwell.in 
  2. Initial resolution provided via Telephonic & Email by Application Engineer to resolve.
  3. If issue not resolved over a Call/ mail, customer could apply for RMA.

Service Desk Timings

  1. Service Desk is available from 10.00am to 6.00pm (IST) Monday to Friday
  2. Service Desk will be closed on all Saturday, Sunday & National Holidays
  3. Response time will be within 4 hours from the call log time if logged before 2.00pm or will be addressed on next working day before 11am. (Monday to Friday)

Turnaround Time (TAT)

Depending on the nature of issue, resolution time will vary.

  1. Once the RMA number issued, customer have 15days time to deliver items to PIT service center. If not, RMA application will be rejected & considered dead/invalid in system.
  2. TAT for the said product shall be 8-10 working days.
  3. If materials sent back to HQ for further RMA process, TAT might increase based on the issue.
  4. This TAT shall not include the transit period to and from to Service Center

Escalation Matrix

Level Contact Name Email ID
Ms. Navya
Mr. Manojkumar P Y
Sales Request
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