IWOS Series, Intelligent Workload Orchestrator System Based on Intel® Xeon® E-2278GE and Core™ i7-9700E/ i5-9500E/ i3-9300E


Nowadays, Smart Retail is a trend in retail industrial market and transforms traditional consumption into digital and intelligent mode. Many applications for it such as digital signage, video wall and kiosk usually generate a large amount of data. These data need to be transferred, exchanged, stored, classified, and analyzed, etc. As a result, the large volume of data often overwhelms legacy networks, data centers, and even cloud computing infrastructure and furthermore affects operational efficiency. Portwell IWOS (Intelligent Workload Orchestrator System) based on Intel® Modular Edge Compute Architecture (Intel® MEC Arch) is installed at the edge to address this demand and provides the flexibility and power to deal with multiple workloads in a centralized system. It’s the key to achieve smart retail without incurring high network round trip cost and rapidly drive demand for localized data analytics, storage, and processing that can’t be met by legacy cloud technologies.


Focusing on enabling workload consolidation in the edge devices such as retail, banking, education, hospitality, entertainment, IWOS can analyze, save, and process data instantly at the edge without huge cost of data transfer or cloud resource. Allowing different tasks to be performed in the same system, it’s the best solution to help your business operation with more intelligent, flexibility, efficiency, and productivity.

Embedded four or two modules based on Intel® Xeon E-2278GE processor in one 5U (two modules) or 4U (four modules) server system, IWOS shows up to quadruple graphics and processing performance, and low latency between modules, significantly improving the efficiency of your business. It’s easier and more centralized to manage tasks and operations within the same system so that you can process different tasks simultaneously on it. IWOS built-in module also supports a variety of existing PCIe cards. Its expandability fulfills your current and future needs, for example, visual images, data analysis, etc., and brings growth potential to your business. Compared with traditional rack-mounted servers, IWOS’s higher temperature stability can overcome the obstacles and limitations of the working environment, creating unlimited value in any industry. With advanced hardware design and multiple Intel technologies, IWOS helps improve the performance of virtualization/containerization, enhancing Virtual Machine and Container operations. Also, it provides excellent security and management convenience for you. Last but not least, IWOS provides a highly availability and reliable environment. When one or even more nodes break down, IWOS can immediately failover, effectively avoiding outage or loss due to failure. The high security of it protects your data, so you don’t have to worry about sensitive information being stolen, leaked, or even hacked. IWOS’ excellent reliability and security provide you with greater stability and peace of mind in your business operations. With high operational performance, reliability, and security, IWOS saves you a lot of cost and resources, giving you management convenience and unlimited possibilities. No matter in what industry, Portwell IWOS is the perfect partner to accelerate and stabilize your business growth and breakthroughs!

IWOS Series
Intelligent Workload Orchestrator System

  • Featuring Intel® Xeon® E-2278GE and Core™ i7-9700E/ i5-9500E/ i3-9300E processor 
  • Based on dual/quad-board Modular Edge Compute Architecture
  • With Intel Technology support
  • High expandability up to 2x/4x PCIex16 slots
  • High availability (distributed) and high reliability (failover)

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